Yellowstone’s Winter Nightmare Ends

For decades the practice of using snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park has caused mayhem and misfortune for the environmental conditions of the Wyoming landscape. Between the smog and pollution produced by the snowmobiles to the harassment of wildlife and disturbance to visitors by the noise the vehicles created, it’s no surprise environmentalists were in a tizzy. Something had to be done.

After pressure from environmental advocates and a lawsuit, the National Park Service (NPS) agreed to write a Winter Use Plan to address the situation in the 1990s. The Clinton Administration did not complete the necessary steps to put the prohibition of snowmobiles in place before the Bush Administration began, and the Bush Administration proceeded to have NPS draft a new plan granting permission to use snowmobiles. Fortunately this plan was rejected in a victory by Earthjustice and the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC), stating the plan would impair the resources of the parks. When the Obama Administration came into office there was a new commitment to address the snowmobile issue fully and accurately. Temporary plans were put in place to provide a cleaner, quieter park that allowed a limited number of snowmobiles in.

Now a more permanent plan has been approved that would require manufacturers and operators to significantly cut noise and carbon emissions in order to increase the number of snowmobiles allowed access to the park in a day for the 2015-16 season. These cuts will see a 70% reduction in carbon emissions, and the environmental quality will be enhanced so that the “impairment of park resources” will not occur with the quality of the visitor’s experience being enhanced. 16 years of lawsuits and Yellowstone finally gets the big win.

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4 thoughts on “Yellowstone’s Winter Nightmare Ends

  1. so the 1000,s of buses and cars that enter the park the rest of the year is fine.. Only 4 stroke snowmobile only they are BAT best available tech.. I have rode in the winter ..I did not see one traffic jam like I did in the summer.. But you are fine the rest of the year ..

  2. And we never harassed wild life .The animals in Yellowstone are used to 1000’s of vehicles spring summer & fall .. so a small group of snowmobile with mufflers are going to harass them.. I think not.. You have no clue ..You do not know what you are posting .I take offense to the misinformation you are posting..Shame on you .

  3. The article to are copying from is wrong too.. BAT has been in USE FOR AT LEAST 5 YEARS . Have you ever seen the 1000,s of cars & buses that enter Yellowstone daily .. Buses with diesel fumes filling the air I would guess not But that is Okay ..I guess this is A SEO article that you spun…

    • This blog was written as a response to information presented in another article. It is not an opinion piece, but a fact-based response. If you provide me with the sources, I will look into any misinformation that may have been given to me. In the mean time I will accept the information I was given as fact and stand by my response.

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