Walking on Water? Try Biking.

There is much to be discussed in the environmental news-world these days. Between the government shutting down National Parks, pandacam being turned off, and the hostile terrorist jellyfish takeover in Sweden, there are infinite opportunities for discussion. A Delaware company is suing Canada because they’re reconsidering laws on fracking. Wolves are being hunted in Montana. The world has gone to madness and there’s no pandacam to ease the pain (except for the temporary pandacam TIME magazine has rigged, but honestly it’s just not the same). There’s a lot of negativity going around in environmental political discussions. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Did you know that it’s possible to bike across a body of water, like say the Hudson River? Did you know the time of travel to get from Hoboken, New Jersey to Manhattan – via river travel with bikes – takes approximately thirteen minutes? The average commute to Manhattan from anywhere is about 40 minutes. That’s largely due to the intensive traffic congestion in the city. So how does someone get across a river by bicycle in less than half that time? Evidently, being an Israeli Army veteran and bicycle enthusiast are helpful attributes in accomplishing such a task. Judah Schiller, 41, commutes from Pier 13 in Hoboken to Pier 66 in Manhattan on his 21-speed Bianchi road bike mounted on two inflatable pontoons. The one mile trip across water from pier to pier was promoting the BayCycle Project, an initiative created by Schiller to promote water cycling as both as recreational and a green alternative form of transportation. The company is currently raising funds to make access to water-cycles easier, so people can try out the sport for free without investing in the equipment.

Somebody give this guy a gold waterproof star for reaching new levels of awesome in these trying times.

For more on terrorist jellyfish: http://grist.org/list/the-five-best-times-jellyfish-shut-down-power-plants/

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