I will state the following as fact (and while some may argue and say it is an opinion, their opinions are wrong if they don’t agree): pandas are the best bears ever and we need more of them. With that said, it is with the most joy in my heart that I read of the birth of the baby panda at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, and it is even more joyous to discover that upon closer inspection the new addition to Mei Xiang’s family is a perfectly healthy baby girl, two weeks old as of September 5. As both an incredible creature, regardless of stereotypical laziness, and a symbol of diplomacy between the United States and China, it is a truly wonderful thing that a new panda has graced this lovely little planet we call Earth. Pandas are critically endangered, and they are way too awesome for us to lose. Here’s to hoping more pandas are born in the next couple of years leading to the repopulation of the coolest bear and thus resulting in its removal from the endangered species list. Pandas, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, are awesome, and we do in fact need more of their bamboo-eating, ear-twitching, rolypolying selves on this earth.

ImagePhoto Credit: Imgur

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